Animal Enquiries

Surrendering animals in Port Augusta

Are you considering surrendering a pet?

Have you tried the following options for re-homing your pet?

  • Can your pet be willingly adopted by family or friends?
  • Have you advertised privately on social media sites?
  • Did you contact an Animal Rescue Service e.g. RSPCA or Animal Welfare League?

If you have not been able to re-home your pet with the above steps, Port Augusta City Council has a final option for you to consider…

  1. Call Council to talk about surrendering your pet/animal.
  2. You will be provided with an Animal Surrender form to fill in which requires information about the animal being surrendered e.g. breed, sex and medical conditions.
  3. There is a $30 surrendering fee ($20 with Concession). If your surrendering case is considered a special circumstance, fees may be waivered.
  4. The form and fee must be provided to Council, and you will receive a receipt which you take with your animal to Red Gum Vet and Pet Boarding (an appointment will need to be made with them prior to visiting).
  5. The animal will then be unfortunately euthanised.


Injured Wildlife

Found an injured kangaroo or other wild animal within town limits? You can call Council for assistance within business hours on (08) 8641 9100 or Police Assistance at all hours on 131 444. Other numbers you can call are:

  • Gumby's Wildlife Rescue 0434 374 484
  • Whyalla Wildlife Rescue 0458 686 987 or 0447 741 819

Prosser Street (PO Box 1704)
Port Augusta SA 5700

Phone: 08 8641 9100 (weekdays 9:00am - 5:00pm)

After Hours: 08 8641 9100 (Emergencies only such as dog attacks)

PLEASE NOTE: Wandering dogs and cats at large after hours are not classed as an emergency and will not be picked up until officers are back on duty.  The 'Lost and Found Port Augusta City Council' Facebook page allows people to share posts of lost and found dogs at any time to assist in getting them home safely.

For any accidents or injuries to animals  please contact a vet.

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If you are looking to adopt a dog or cat, you can visit one of the links below.

For more information on impounded dogs, as well as updates on animal management in Port Augusta, check out our Facebook page: Lost and Found Animals - Port Augusta City Council.