Animal Enquiries

Animal Control

New laws relating to dogs and cats are contained in the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995. Under the Act a controlling body known as the Dog and Cat Management Board has been set up. The main functions of the Board are to assist and liaise with local government, and to achieve a high standard of quality and consistency in the management of dogs and cats includes:

  • Dog Registration
  • Dog Complaints
  • Lost Dogs
  • Cat Identification
  • Roaming Cats

For further information contact the Council Office, telephone (08) 8641 9100.

Animal Pound

Prosser Street (PO Box 1704)
Port Augusta SA 5700

Phone: 08 8641 9164 (weekdays 7am-4.30pm)

After Hours: 08 8641 9100 (Emergencies only such as dog attacks)

PLEASE NOTE: Wandering dogs and cats at large after hours are not classed as an emergency and will not be picked up until officers are back on duty.  The 'Lost and Found Port Augusta City Council' Facebook page allows people to share posts of lost and found dogs at any time to assist in getting them home safely.

For any accidents or injuries to animals  please contact a vet.

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Impounded Animals

If you are looking to adopt a dog or cat, you can visit the Whyalla vet's rehousing website.

For more information on impounded dogs, as well as updates on animal management in Port Augusta, check out our Facebook page: Lost and Found Animals - Port Augusta City Council.