Snakes and lizards are a highly valued part of healthy native ecosystems. Port Augusta is home to a number of species of snakes and lizards. While some snake species are highly venomous, they are unlikely to attack you. However, never try and approach a snake for a closer look, and control the curiosity of your pets, to ensure we can all live safely together.

Council officers are authorised to remove snakes from Council owned properties and within a public place.

Council officers are also able to remove snakes from private property during business hours, when suitably qualified staff are available. Please note that Council officers may refuse to provide the service where they do not deem it safe to do so.

Snake Catching Service

Business Hours

9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, please call 8641 9100.

$100 call out fee – please note this fee is payable whether the snake is captured or not.

$150 snake catch and removal fee is payable when the snake is captured (this includes the call out fee).

After hours

If you have a snake that needs to be removed from your property, please contact Adelaide Snake Catchers 0413 511 440 for assistance.