Port Augusta Strategic Tourism Development Plan

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This Strategic Tourism Development Plan has been prepared by Regional Development Australia Far North, for the city of Port Augusta, on behalf of the Port Augusta City Council (PACC). The plan has been written in consultation with the following stakeholders; Port Augusta City Council Management Group and other key staff, Business Port Augusta (BPA), Flinders Ranges and Outback South Australia Tourism Inc. (FROSAT), Flinders Ranges Tourism Operator Association (FRTOA), South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC), South Australian Tourism Industry Council (SATIC) and Port Augusta tourism operators.

Port Augusta is located on the major transport crossroad for both road and rail and has been the hub of commercial, railroad and government services for the far north of the State since its establishment in 1852. Tourism and related services are seen as significant components of the economy of Port Augusta given its location, and the mix of tourist attractions, with its proximity of to the Flinders Ranges and Outback.

The purpose for creating the Port Augusta Strategic Tourism Development Plan (2018-2023) is to inform and focus tourism operators in Port Augusta, PACC, and other stakeholders on key strategies over the next five years which will continue to grow the tourism market. The plan should be useful to all parties ranging from tourism operators, tourism associations (FRTOA), the regional tourism organisation (FROSAT), regional Visitor Information Centres, PACC, SATC, SATIC and the Port Augusta community.

Download the Port Augusta Strategic Tourism Development Plan 2018-2023