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Australian Citizenship

The Port Augusta City Council conducts conferral ceremonies for approved Australian Citizenship applicants residing in the council area. Ceremonies are arranged when the council is advised by the department of Immigration and Border Protection that there are applicants available for conferral in the council area. Queries about citizenship applications, citizenship ceremonies and citizenship certificates can be addressed to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection:

Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Telephone: 131 880

Phone this number to:

  • request application forms for Australian citizenship
  • obtain information about:
    • application fees and processes
    • citizenship ceremonies
    • Australian citizenship affirmation ceremonies
    • dual citizenship

Hours of operation - 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Note: For Australian passport enquiries please call the Australian Passport Office Telephone: 131 232

General enquiries

Telephone: 131 881

  • Phone this general enquiries number to:
  • obtain general information on all temporary and permanent visa categories (including visitors, students, family migration, temporary business visas and refugee and humanitarian applications)
  • make appointments for lodging visa applications
  • change your contact details
  • contact departmental officers
  • ask questions about using VEVO and have your password recorded or reset

Hours of operation - 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday (recorded information available outside these hours)

TIS National – the Translating and Interpreting Service

Telephone: 131 450

Phone this number to access interpreting services.

Hours of operation - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Application process for Australian citizenship

There are 10 steps in the application process.

The time it takes to apply for and be granted Australian citizenship varies.

Are you eligible?

  1. Determine that you are eligible to apply
  2. Ensure you meet the residence requirement

Your application and appointment

  1. Prepare for your citizenship test or interview
  2. Gather your original documents
  3. Complete your application form
  4. Lodge your application form
  5. Attend your citizenship appointment
  6. Take the citizenship test or have a citizenship interview


  1. Receive notification of the department's decision

Your ceremony

  1. Attend a citizenship ceremony to be held at your local Council

​Download this information sheet:Australian Citizenship Fact Sheet(91 kb)

Citizenship Ceremonies

Once an application for Citizenship has been approved, arrangements will be made for applicants to attend a citizenship ceremony where they will make the Australian Citizenship Pledge of Commitment. Making the Pledge is the final legal requirement to become an Australian citizen. Conferees 16 years of age and over are required to make the Pledge within 12 months of being notified that their application has been approved.

Generally, a ceremony will be held at the applicants’ local Council within six months from the time the application is approved, although waiting times can vary. Local applicants will receive a letter of invitation from the Port Augusta City Council. Applicants are welcome to bring family and friends along to the Citizenship ceremony.

The Citizenship ceremony will include formal introduction, speeches and an address that precedes making the Pledge. The presiding officer (locally the Mayor) will ask conferees to repeat the pledge of commitment out loud. The Pledge is the one the applicant has chosen on their application form.

Once the pledge is made, the applicant is an Australian citizen and will receive their citizenship certificate. The National Anthem will be played and the ceremony will conclude with light refreshments. Photographs may be taken during the ceremony and sometimes the media will attend the ceremony too.