Environmental Health

Provision of Public and Environmental Health Services

Public and Environmental Health encompasses public health and the natural and built systems in which we live. The Manager Environmental Health Services can assist you with advice on a variety of public and environmental health issues such as food safety, infectious diseases, pest control, housing, waste disposal, insanitary conditions, hazardous substances, pollution, local natural systems, effluent reuse, and many other aspects within the Port Augusta area.

Monitoring of Public Facilities and Services

Council's environmental health program includes regular visits to various businesses and establishments to ensure that any risks to the community are managed in an acceptable manner. Council monitors public swimming and spa pools, cooling towers, food outlets, hairdressing and beauty salons and natural systems for vector and nuisance control.

Environmental Issues

The responsibility to respond to pollution incidents is shared between the Environment Protection Authority and Council, including but not limited to:

  • Local air quality concerns eg: wood smoke, backyard burning, odours.
  • Stormwater pollution, oil, coolant, paint, cement slurry and other types of liquid waste.

The Environmental Protection Authority can assist with:

  • Dust nuisance
    Prior to contacting the EPA you may also need to obtain a log and full details of all occurrences in relation to the dust nuisance.
  • Noise issues
    (other than dogs, parrots and roosters as these issues are dealt with by the General Inspectors at the Council)

Handbook for Pollution Avoidance on Building Sites(1108 kb)

The Environmental Protection authority can be contacted on:

Phone (08) 8204 2004
Freecall Country on 1800 623 445
Fax (08) 8124 4670

You may also find information on: www.epa.sa.gov.au

Police can also assist with people noise eg parties, loud radios and stereos, revving cars by calling 131 444

Needles and Syringes

A needle disposal service is available for residents.

1.4 and 5 litre sharps containers can be purchased for a subsidised rate.

The above costs are half the actual purchase price which is met by Council in the interest of public safety.

The containers should be returned to the Civic Centre for disposal when full. There is no charge for disposal which is fully subsidised by Council.

It is important to note that all containers prior to receipt at Council should be clean and taped/sealed down otherwise they will not be accepted at the Civic Centre of Council.

Backflush Details for Swimming Pools

Requirements for backflushing your pool in an STED's effluent disposal scheme, or a sewered or unsewered area within the jurisdiction of the Port Augusta City Council.

Rats and Mice – Prevention and Control

Feral rats and mice are very adaptable public health pests. They are not fussy eaters and can make themselves at home in houses, sheds, garages and gardens. As well as causing unpleasant odours and damage to property and possessions, feral rodents can also pose a risk to human health.

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