Fire Prevention

Fire Danger Season:

Starts 21st October 2019 through to 15th April 2020 (date to be declared by CFS)

Property Inspections:

From early October ongoing throughout the fire danger season

CFS Hotline - 1300 362 361 - our region is Flinders

Alert SA provides free access to official real-time event and warning information in South Australia sourced from a wide range of emergency service Agencies, Government and Community Partners.

Pursuant to the Fire & Emergency Services Act 2005, the owner of private land in the country must take reasonable steps to protect property on the land from fire and to prevent or inhibit the outbreak of fire on the land, or the spread of fire through the land and minimise the threat to human life from a fire on the land.

Council will be inspecting properties within the Council area from early October onwards, to assess compliance with CFS requirements. Property owners issued with a Bushfire Hazard Reduction Compliance Notice are required to comply with the requirements of that notice within the required time indicated or Council may organise a contractor to preform the work required, at the owners expense and may take further legal action against them.
PLEASE NOTE: Council is able to issue an Expiation Notice for the offence of not complying with the requirements of Bushfire Hazard Reduction Compliance Notice. Fee for not compliance $315.

For further information please contact Council's Fire Prevention Officer, Wayne McKerlie on (08) 8641 9164 or Email

Non fire danger season

  • Lighting or maintaining a fire using charcoal, dry wood or other dry plant material for the purpose of preparing food or beverages.
  • Burning charcoal (but not wood or other plant material) in a brazier, chiminea or fire pit for domestic heating.
  • Burning off vegetation for fire prevention or control, or burning vegetation for any other purpose, provided that a permit has been granted by council.
  • Burning of prohibited substances including:
  • Burning is not permitted in any street, road or laneway.


Total fire ban days

The only fires you can use outside on a total fire ban day for cooking are gas stoves or kettles, gas barbecues and electric barbecues or stoves. These must be within 15 metres of a dwelling or on coastal foreshore in a four meter cleared area of flammable materials around and above.

More information on burning activities can be obtained from the Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016, or the Country Fire Service website. Fire safety information can be obtained from the Metropolitan Fire Service website or at the Council office.

Burning in the Port Augusta City Council Area

A new policy introduced by the Environment Protection Authority from July 21, 2016 prohibits residents from undertaking backyard burning.

The Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016 is aimed at better protecting and improving the health of South Australians and the environment by bringing the regulation and management of air quality in line with contemporary practices.

It is important to note that this policy does not apply to burning during Fire Danger Season (generally November – mid April) – there are strict rules for burning or lighting any fires during this time.

The new policy establishes a general prohibition, subject to exemptions, on burning in the open on premises within all council areas.

Essentially, for the Port Augusta area, this means:

Burning in the open is only allowed when it is for:

  • Preparation of food or beverage (a small fire intended for that purpose only)
  • Use of a brazier, chiminea or fire pit for heating an outdoor area – only charcoal can be used
  • Fire prevention or control - this activity will require a permit from council before burning

Backyard burning is no longer allowed in Port Augusta without a permit and the council can issue expiation notices ($300) for breaches of this policy.

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