The Gulf

Port Augusta Bridge

Port Augusta is situated near the head of Spencer's Gulf in South Australia. The gulf was named by Captain Mathew Flinders in 1802 as a compliment to the President of the Admiralty Board in England.

The rapid spread of pastoralists throughout the southern Flinders Ranges and well into the northern Flinders Ranges by 1852 made it desirable to establish a port as near to the head of the gulf as possible. The actual selection of the harbour of Port Augusta is attributed to Messrs A.L. Elder and J. Grainger who were Directors of the Mount Remarkable Mining Company. Port Augusta was named after Lady Augusta Young, wife of Sir Henry Fox Young, who was at the time the Deputy Governor of South Australia.

The northern waters of Spencer's Gulf are ideal for recreational fisherman as well as yachting and skiing enthusiasts. Recreational fisherman will find many species of table fish readily available. King George Whiting are particularly plentiful from autumn through to late spring. In recent years Yellow Tail King Fish have been keenly sought as part of a local fishing competition.

In recent years there has been a significant change to the beach shacks in the Blanche Harbour to the south of Port Augusta. This area on the western side of the Gulf and 15kms south of the City now has over 300 beach shacks and provides exceptional recreation and holiday enjoyment for the residents of the city and visitors.