Port Augusta City Council's New Changes to Waste Management

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20th December 2019

Port Augusta City Council is introducing a new organic composting system which will change the way you can dispose of various household items into your green bin.

Port Augusta residents are now encouraged to use the FOGO (Food and Garden Organics) kitchen caddy system, to collect food scraps and other compostable materials such as meat and bones, tea bags and coffee grinds, egg shells and cardboard, dairy items, seafood, hair and paper towels before placing them into the green lidded food and garden organics bin.

The community is encouraged to create their own FOGO bin caddy (for example: use a small basket with a lid or repurpose an ice-cream container) then line it with a compostable plant based bin liner which can be purchased from any major supermarket chain.

Port Augusta City Council is hoping the community will embrace this new initiative and start to reduce the amount of waste produced annually.

“It would be an exceptional outcome to see waste reduced in 2020 and beyond, if more residents take care in the way they dispose of household items we will definitely see a reduction.” Mr. John Banks CEO of Port Augusta City Council stated.

“Other councils across Australia have rolled out this initiative and are seeing vast improvements in the way people reduce, reuse and recycle waste.”

A recent KESAB audit revealed Port Augusta residents currently dispose of up to 20 tonnes of red bin waste per week. To see what can now be placed in the Green Bins, view the Waste Focus fact sheet, and the updated 3 Bin information view here:

Waste & Recycling

For further information please contact Media and Communications Officer Carly Archer on (08) 86419100.