Water Use


An IWMP simply develops a strategy for a community to utilize, in a cost-effective manner, the following water resources:

  • SA Water Corporation's reticulated water supply:
    • Demand on system
    • Possible reductions in demand
  • Rainwater:
    • Household level : roof run-off
    • Community level :
      • paved area run-off etc
      • stormwater detention basins, harvesting & reuse
  • Wastewater :
    • Community level : collection & treatment of wastewater for designated purposes - irrigation of community open space:
      • Treatment & reuse within Reclaimed Water Guideline Principles.
  • Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) :
    • Appropriate quality water is fed underground into a receiving aquifer & reused at a later date.

The City of Port Augusta is developing a strategic approach to 'Waterproofing the City'.
Elements in this approach include:

  • Harvesting & reuse of stormwater for designated/appropriate purposes
  • Reusing reclaimed water from the existing systems in a cost-effective manner
  • Investigating the concept & feasibility of Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) for the township
  • Developing a partnering approach with SA Water Corporation re possible use of existing infrastructure for slightly different uses.

The City of Port Augusta's Strategic Plan states:

"Environment Management:
Sub Goal 5.1:
Performance Objectives:
e : Reduction of effluent & stormwater into Gulf waters
g : Reduction in use of River Murray water
h : Move towards becoming a "Green" city
Key Strategies:
5.1.2 : Enhance & extend effective water management programs."


The possible sources of water for the city & available reuse opportunities:

  • Stormwater :
    • Road run-off
    • Building roof run-off
  • Reticulated water supplies
  • Seawater (desalination)
  • Wastewater as Reclaimed Water after appropriate treatment


As part of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) licensing conditions, an Irrigation Management Plan (IMP) has to be prepared & submitted to the agency.
Council has engaged Aquatek Irrigation to develop & upgrade this plan as required (as each new stage is designed).

The IMP details:

  • Source of reclaimed water & available volumes
  • Areas that will be irrigated
  • Detailed design of each area, including:
    • Pipe work layout
    • All fittings
  • Water requirements for each area & an irrigation schedule
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Contingency Plan

The Council has installed a central control computer for the whole system which collects required data & also gives operators indications of water applied & soil moisture data for selected sites.