Mayors Message

Since our great beginning in the 1840’s our city has undergone many significant changes, both economical and socially.

Our history is strong, vibrant and diverse. Our beginnings are of a city rich in pastoral history and saw the commencement of many ships importing and exporting goods to the wider world.

Over the years we have developed and become diverse in our industries, whilst still maintaining a strong connection to our original pastoral industry. We have been a major player in the power industry, and we continue to supply 30% of South Australia’s power. We were once one of the major national players in the rail industry, and as a result in the rail privatisation we were given the opportunity to show our strength on a regional, state and national level. We as a city have been able to diversify our economy creating an economy that does not rely greatly on any one industry.

We are geographically the best placed in the nation. We capture all East West movements and are a national hub for transport connection. Being accessible by road, rail, air and water, we have the capacity to supply and deliver goods anywhere in the world.

Our social fabric is diverse. With a strong connection to the Aboriginal communities from around the region, we as a city are very culturally diverse and are proud of our cultural diversity. We celebrate the success of all and create a social environment that allows people to flourish and provide a sense of well being and a lifestyle that people choose to live, and others want to live.

Our City and Council believe in constantly reinvesting in ourselves. We understand that being in a regional location does not mean we have to settle for second best. Many services and projects in which we deliver and have delivered have been well outside the normal parameters of local government, and we continue to redefine the boundaries for those choosing to follow in our foot steps.

Our future is bright, optimistic and vibrant. Our history has given us the experience and strength to ensure that we remain leaders and instil confidence in not just ourselves, but those wanting to also be a part of Port Augusta.

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”