Lea Theatre

Lea Theatre stage

Lea Memorial Theatre
Hannagan Street
Port Augusta SA 5700

The Lea Memorial Theatre was once used as a hall for deb balls, weddings and various other functions. In 1993 the Anderson Dancer Theatre Promoters, under the guidance of the late Greg Faulkner took over the hall and transformed it into a modest theatre.

With the construction of a lighting box, lighting bars, curtains, seating, new sound equipment, carpet, tiles and a complete paint job as well as the addition of an annex for larger shows and many other improvements, the Hall is now a well run but modest theatre.

With the likes of The Four Kinsmen, Khamahl, The Waratah Girls Choir, The Wiggles, The South Australian Police Band, Manpower, The Spirit of Ireland Dancers as well as local schools, theatre and dancing groups, the Theatre is well utilised.

The Theatre can be used for theatre shows, conferences, church functions, workshops, graduations, fashion parades, exhibitions and various other functions.

It has the advantage of a flat floor at the front half of the theatre, with removable seating which can be utilised by shows that require audience participation. Great for kids shows. The flat floor also allows conferences to be set up with displays on the floor area.

It is interesting to note that until January 2009 the Theatre was completely maintained and managed by volunteers, when at that time the Council created and advertised a new position "Venue Co-ordinator" in which the occupant was responsible for the Barracks and the Institute Theatre at the newly developed Cultural Centre complex and the Lea Memorial Theatre.

The Theatre holds 420 people (220 of those seats are removable, rows V-L), and is available for hire by contacting the:

Venue Co-ordinator
Lindy Madigan
PO Box 1704
6 Beauchamp Lane
Phone: 08 8641 9174 or 0417 828 726
Email: lindy.madigan@portaugusta.sa.gov.au

Rental Charges

A standard fee will be charged for use of the Theatre. As all groups have different requirements please speak to the Venue Co-ordinator. A quote can be arranged.

Invoices for theatre hire will be sent to you by the Port Augusta City Council.

Cheques can be made payable to the Port Augusta City Council.

Public Liability

It is the responsibility of the hirer to take out and keep current a Public Risk Insurance Policy in the name of the permit holder insuring them for the minimum sum of Ten Million Dollars ($10 000 000) against all actions, costs, claims, damages, charges and expenses whatsoever which may be brought or made or claimed against the permit holder in relation to the activity.

The permit holder must provide a copy of the Certificate of Currency for this insurance policy to the Venue Co-ordinator.


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