Public and Environmental Health (Waste Control) Fees

Charter of fees for Wastewater Control Systems
South Australian Public Health (Wastewater) Regulations 2013

EXAMPLE OF FEES charged by Council 2018/2019 (all fees are GST exempt)
Application to alter a waste control system (i.e. Admin $108.00 + One Inspection $120.00) $228.00
Application to install a waste control system to existing building (i.e. Admin $108.00 + Two Inspections $240.00) $348.00
Application to install a new waste control system (i.e New Building) –( Admin $108.00 + Three Inspections $360) $468.00
Addition fee for extra 2EP (or part thereof in excess of 10EP) PLUS $23.70 to initial application cost
Additional Inspections $120.00
STEDS/CWMS application requires 2 applications  
A. Standard application $468.00 PLUS
B. Standard connection application for STEDS/CWMS $120.00
NEW STEDS/CWMS application (A + B) TOTAL $588.00

The list above are the main areas dealt with by Council and are current as of 1/7/2018 till 30/6/2019.

Emailed applications will incur additional fees – please contact Council regarding the extra charges before submitting your application.

NB. All systems greater than 40 EP must be referred to the Department of Health.

All other fees are as per the attachments below.

Charter of Fees 2018/2019 - Wastewater Control Systems(76 kb)

South Australian Public Health (Fees) Regulations 2018(798 kb)

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