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77 Seaview Road
Port Augusta S.A. 5700

Phone: (08) 8642 6742
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AM Ramsay Village is a 62 bed Residential Aged Care Facility, which is subsidised by the Commonwealth Department of Health. The Facility caters for people requiring low to medium level services.

AM Ramsay Village is owned and managed by the Corporation of the City of Port Augusta.

Day to day management is directed by the Care Manager.

AM Ramsay Village Information Booklet(116 kb)


Approval from the Department of Health is a prerequisite for admission to any Aged Care Facility in Australia. This can be facilitated through the Flinders and Far Northern Aged Care Assessment Team, in conjunction with your Doctor. Contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit this website.

Admission to Ramsay Village is always on a "need for care" basis which means that the person who most requires care will be given admission priority.

The Care Manager is always willing to discuss your needs and help in relation to the Services offered by AM Ramsay Village.

Eligibility and assessment

Philosophy of Care

The aims and philosophies of AM Ramsay Village are:

  • To establish the care and support that will maintain the dignity and the rights of each individual.
  • To provide an atmosphere and environment that will uplift the physical, mental and social well being of the individual person, irrespective of their religious, cultural, social and financial background.
  • To create an atmosphere which is safe, warm and inviting, in an environment that is attractive and comfortable.
  • To provide a quality of life that meets the medical, social, emotional and spiritual needs and requirements of each individual.
  • For staff to show a genuine interest in all aspects of AM Ramsay Village, with special care and sensitivity, upholding the dignity of each person, and supporting the values of human life.
  • To integrate the modern concept of a low level aged care facility in the community, through education and communication.
  • To ensure that AM Ramsay Village is and remains an essential part of frail, aged and disabled support care system in Port Augusta.
  • For staff to adopt an ethos of Continuous Improvement within the daily schedule of the facility.

Resident Fees

All residents’ fees are regulated by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Residents may be required to pay a Basic Daily Fee, Means Tested Care Fee and/or Accommodation Payment.

From 1st July 2014 new Accommodation Pricing for Aged Care comes into effect for all new admissions to Residential Aged Care. This includes changes to how new residents are charged for accommodation.

Every Residential Aged Care facility in Australia is required to publish the maximum accommodation price for rooms within their facility as well as a description of the rooms and common areas to which a person living in this room would have access.

New residents will have the choice to pay for their accommodation either as a refundable deposit (a lump sum, also known as a refundable accommodation deposit or ‘RAD’), an equivalent daily payment (a periodic payment, also known as a ‘daily accommodation payment or ‘DAP’) or a combination of both.

A new resident will have up to 28 days from entering care to choose whether to pay the agreed accommodation price by a refundable deposit or daily payment or some combination of both. The daily payment is paid unless and until a refundable deposit is paid.

If the resident elects to pay a combination of a refundable deposit and a daily payment, daily payments can be paid by the resident or drawn down from a refundable deposit the resident has paid to the provider.

There will still be protections in place for those residents with low assets.  All facilities have a set percentage of bed places that must be offered to ‘supported residents’.

Please click on the rooms below to view details specific to each room.

Prospective residents are encouraged to contact Anne O’Reilly, Director Community Services on (08) 8641 9100 to discuss their individual circumstances prior to entry to Residential Aged Care.

Services Included in Fees

  • 24 hour Nursing Staff. A Registered Nurse is available Monday to Friday. At all other times, Enrolled Nurses, Senior Personal Care Attendants as well as other indirect care staff are on duty.
  • Podiatry
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech Pathology, Dietitian and Orthotic consultation as required.
  • All meals and snacks for morning, afternoon tea and supper.
  • Toiletries such as soap and toilet paper are supplied. If a resident does not like the choice of items supplied, they may buy their own at their own expense.


AM Ramsay Village has been purpose designed and has a very comfortable homelike atmosphere with several community lounge areas, as well as quiet sitting areas, which can be used by residents at any time.

AM Ramsay Village has a special area set aside for residents with higher care needs. This area provides a secure and safe environment free from hazards associated with residents wandering.

Different rooms and accommodation pricing available:

All residential rooms at AM Ramsay Village are single rooms with ensuite bathrooms. Residents may furnish their own rooms with their own furniture if they wish. This may help to create a more home-like environment. However, these items must not present a safety hazard for themselves or staff. Discussions on furniture items will occur at the pre-admission interview. Where a resident chooses not to provide their own furnishings, AM Ramsay Village will provide basic furniture. All rooms have built-in wardrobes.

Each unit is pre-wired for telephone and television. Residents must pay for the telephone to be connected through their preferred provider. Residents will receive their accounts direct from their preferred provider. The above can be arranged through the AM Ramsay Village office.

Residents must supply television sets for use in Residents rooms. Television sets are required to be housed on stands or cupboards that have castors. Wall mounted televisions can be no larger than 32″.

Three computers with internet access are available to all residents.

All electrical items must be inspected and labelled prior to your admission, to ensure safety requirements are met. Storage is very limited so we cannot store excess personal belongings or bulky items. If residents choose to make use of their lockable space, two keys will be provided, and the Resident is expected to take whole responsibility and accountability for these keys.

Although we have building and 3rd party insurance, we cannot accept responsibility for any loss of your personal property by fire, or theft or accidental damage. Therefore insurance of your personal property is your responsibility.