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Eastside and Westside Jetty Status

20 February 2019
In March 1997 works were undertaken on the Westside Jetty by Department of Transport with an understanding that Council would assume ongoing responsibility for maintenance. On 17 May 2000 Council assumed a lease over the jetty. The divesting of marine structures throughout South Australia at the time has resulted in the disparity of ownership and management responsibility that exists across the State today.
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Westside Jetty Closure

15 February 2019
Port Augusta City Council have engaged specialist marine engineering company Magryn Consulting to undertake a condition assessment of the Westside Jetty.
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Notice to Residents - Eastside Jetty Timber

12 February 2019
The Eastside jetty demolition is underway and expected to be completed by the end of February 2019.
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