Online Forms

Web Forms

The following forms can be filled out and submitted online, with no need to print the form out:

The following forms on this page are PDFs that cannot be submitted directly online:

pdf Action Against Expiation Notice(26 kb)

pdf Application for Permission to Park in a Permit Zone(43 kb)

pdf Application for Street Stalls(105 kb)
Application for Street Stalls, Sale of Raffle Tickets, Appeals, Badges etc

pdf Application to Busk within the City of Port Augusta(111 kb)

pdf Calendar of Events(62 kb)
Application to include an event on Port Augusta Council's Calendar of Events.

pdf Changes to Mailing Address/Personal Details(127 kb)

pdf Community Grants Guidelines and Application(132 kb)
Application and guidelines for applying for a Community Grant.

pdf Customer Complaint Form(40 kb)

pdf Customer Compliment Form(36 kb)

pdf Customer Request for Service Form(37 kb)

pdf Electronic Funds Transfer Form(125 kb)

pdf Food Business/Stall Notification Form(155 kb)

pdf Freedom of Information (FOI) Request for Access to Documents(100 kb)

pdf Individual / Group Active Community Achievement Grant Guidelines and Application(76 kb)
Application and guidelines for applying for an Individual or Group Active Community Achievement Grant.

pdf Kerbside Collection Bins Application Form(51 kb)

pdf Litter Complaint Form(168 kb)

pdf Nuisance Complaint Form(167 kb)

pdf Nuisance Form - General Inspector(60 kb)

pdf Public Question Form(27 kb)

pdf Road Closure Application Form(86 kb)

pdf Transfer of Horse Stable Lease Form(58 kb)

Animal Forms

pdf Application to Change Registered Owner of Dog(43 kb)

pdf Application to Keep Additional Dogs/Cats(28 kb)

pdf Barking Dog Nuisance Form(73 kb)

pdf Cat Cage Application Form(162 kb)

pdf Notification to Ensure Accuracy of Register(35 kb)

Booking Forms

pdf Cancellation of Park Hire(23 kb)

pdf Central Oval Function / Meeting Booking Application(392 kb)

pdf Oval /Court Space/ Hancock Stadium Booking Application(402 kb)

pdf Oval and Parklands Major Events Application Form(181 kb)

pdf Oval Hire Application Form(34 kb)

pdf Park Hire Application Form(55 kb)

pdf Portable Banner Displays(161 kb)

Building / Infrastructure Forms

pdf Application for permission to Lay Underground Water Services(26 kb)

pdf Application for Planting of Street Trees(51 kb)

pdf Application for Removal of Tree from Council Land(61 kb)

pdf Application for Supply of Crusher Dust for Footpath(22 kb)

pdf Application Form - Concrete or Paving Works(408 kb)
Application form to apply for concrete works to be done (Footpath / Driveway / Stormwater Pipes)

pdf Application to Enclose a Public Space/Footpath(204 kb)

pdf Application to Lay Underground Electrical Services(38 kb)

pdf Excavation & Reinstatement of Council Roads, Footpaths or Properties(35 kb)

Development Application Information Guides and Forms

pdf A Guide for Industrial, Commercial & Retail Development(297 kb)

pdf A Guide for Minor Domestic Structures(226 kb)

pdf A Guide for New Houses and House Extensions(365 kb)

pdf A Guide for Swimming Pools(389 kb)

pdf Building Safely Near Power Lines(1992 kb)

pdf Building Safety Near Powerlines Form(69 kb)

pdf Check List(381 kb)

pdf Council’s Development Assessment Panel(146 kb)

pdf Development Application Decision Process(172 kb)

pdf Development Application Form(273 kb)

pdf Development Approval(174 kb)

pdf Non-Complying Development(170 kb)

pdf Public Notification and Your Role(174 kb)

pdf Running a Home Business or Activity(200 kb)

pdf Working Safely Near Underground Assets(554 kb)

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