Contact Details

Civic Centre

Address 4 Mackay Street (PO Box 1704)
Port Augusta SA 5700
Contact Details Phone: 08 8641 9100
Fax: 08 8641 0357
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm

Animal Control,

Animal Pound

Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden,

Central Oval Community Sporting Hub,

Manager - Craig Dearolve

Childcare Centre,

Manager - Natalie Holtham

Cultural Centre - Yarta Purtli,

Health Focus,

Coordinator – Janice Shiner

Library & Community Information,

Manager - Tina Dunemann

Men's Shed,

Manager - Bronwyn Filsell

Miriam High Special Needs Centre,

Manager - Quanita Hockey

Parks and Gardens Depot,

Ryan Mitchell Swim Centre,

Manager - Sylvia Hogg

Substance Misuse Services,

Manager - Jo Newell

Wadlata Outback Centre,

Manager - Pauline Hedger

Works Depot,

Administration Officer - George Brown
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