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Keep Your Best Mate Safe We understand the joy your dog can bring, and the distress if it should go missing. To be easily reunited, ensure your dog is registered, name tagged and micro-chipped. More info at

Animal Control Pound

Prosser Street (PO Box 1704)
Port Augusta SA 5700

Phone: 08 8641 9164 (all hours)

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Dog Registration

Dog registration laws are changing.  Click here for more information.

The way you register your dog is changing. Click here for more information.

Income from dog registrations and expiations received by Council is dedicated to animal management and public safety, recreational opportunities for pets and their owners and educational materials.

Failure to register a dog is an offence and the owner or person responsible for the dog may be fined. Further fines may also be issued for every fourteen days that the offence continues.

All dog registration renewals must be paid by 31st August each year, or a late fee of $15 per dog will apply.

On and Off Leash Areas

State Government legislation states that a dog must be on a leash that does not exceed two metres in length whilst on public roads, footpaths, and in all public places, except for parks unless otherwise specified by Council by-laws. Accredited guide, hearing and disability dogs are excepted from all restrictions.

On Leash Area at all Times
EASTSIDE: Port Augusta CBD and Eastside Foreshore including beach, wharf front, parklands and playground (from Flinders Terrace to Joy Baluch AM Bridge)
WESTSIDE: Westside Foreshore from Tiver Street, along La France Terrace to Gardiner Avenue

On/Off Leash Special Restrictions (Time Restricted)
On leash between 9am to 8pm (Daylight Savings)
On leash between 9am to 4pm (non-Daylight Savings)
Off leash at all other times
EASTSIDE: Back Beach Precinct from Rupara Street to the Yacht Club
WESTSIDE: Redbanks Area (Beach area from Gardiner Avenue to the Railway Bridge)

Off Leash Area
EASTSIDE: Base of the cliff walkways and beach from Rupara Street to Larkin Crescent (Top of the cliff areas including parklands remain on leash at all times)
WESTSIDE: Redbanks Area north of the Railway Bridge

Schedule - Dogs On-Leash, Off-Leash, Special Restrictions or Prohibited(642 kb)

Dog Complaints

Complaints about animals must be made to Council in writing using an Animal Nuisance Form. On receipt of a written complaint an inspector of Council will consult with neighbouring residents to verify the complaint. The inspector will then determine the severity of the disturbance and the appropriate course of action to remedy the situation.

Nuisance Form - General Inspector(76 kb)

Council inspectors will respond to a complaint without written notice only if the nature of the offence can be confirmed by the inspector on the site. If an emergency situation arises, e.g. a dog attack, an inspector will attend immediately. Contact the Animal Control Office on (08) 8641 9164 for any enquiries or complaints. However, if the situation has been dissipated by the time the inspector arrives, a written complaint will then have to be made.

Lost Dogs

Reporting a Missing Dog

If your dog is missing contact Council as soon as possible to make a report. Council's Inspector will take your dog's details and provide advice on the steps you need to take to try to locate your dog.

Finding a Lost Dog

If you find a lost dog report it to Council immediately. During business hours a Council Inspector will come out to collect the dog. A Council Inspector may collect a lost dog after hours, but this may not always be possible, particularly if the dog is not in a contained location. Under no circumstances should you remove the dog from the place where it was found. Dogs that are deemed to be lost are taken to the Council pound and the following course of action is taken:

  • The owner is contacted if they can be traced
  • If the owner cannot be traced they are kept at the pound for approximately three days
  • After that period, if the owner or another home for the dog hasn't been found, the dog will be euthanised.

Council has set up a Facebook page to assist with finding lost dogs and finding homes for surrendered or abandoned dogs: Lost and Found Animals – Port Augusta City Council.

'Love your dog?  Keep them safe, keep them contained.'  Port Augusta dog owners are being urged to keep their dogs contained for their own safety and that of others.  Click here for more details.

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