Food Safety

Food Safety

As well as regular assessments of food premises, Council is involved in food recalls, investigation of food related complaints, food poisoning occurrences, provision of information and food premises notification requirements.

A food business, regardless of whether it is commercial or charitable, must notify Council of their existence. Also, any change of key personnel, address, telephone number, common or business name, or operating method, must be updated immediately. Notification or changes to an existing notification can be done on line at OR by completing the attached form (below) and sending it direct to Council and to be received at Council PRIOR to trading.

Food Business Notification Form Food%20Business%20Notification%20Form (56 kb)

Food stalls

The attached Food Business notification form (in pdf format) shall be used when food stalls are being operated throughout the Port Augusta district and forwarded to Council at least 48 hours before the event occurs.

Food Business Notification Form Food%20Business%20Notification%20Form (56 kb)

Further details can be obtained from Council's Manager Environmental Health Services.

Food Premises Fit-Out Pack

Guidelines for the establishment of a new or upgrading of an existing food premises

pdf Food Premises Construction and Fit(168 kb)

pdf Food Premises Fitout Checklist(163 kb)

pdf Local Equipment Suppliers List(146 kb)

pdf Suitability and Maintenance of Premises Fittings and Equipment(158 kb)

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