Infrastructure Update

January 2018

Port Augusta City Council works hard to maintain the city infrastructure with the resources available.

The role of Port Augusta City Council Infrastructure staff includes the maintenance and management of the city’s transport, stormwater and wastewater networks.

Our Council boundaries represent approximately 1,200 square kilometres. Our asset strategy covers 194km of sealed roads and 122km of footpaths.

In wishing you all a Happy New Year it is timely to acknowledge the efforts of our Infrastructure team and provide a community update. The infrastructure projects that are occurring in our community over and above general maintenance are as follows:

Kerbing upgrades and replacements

In progress:

Photograph of kerbing upgrade in progress in Beer Street showing new concrete guttering being laid

Photograph 1: Beer Street

Footpath upgrades


In progress:

Scheduled FY18:

Road Upgrades

aerial photo of Flinders Ranges Way and James Road

Photograph 2: James Road aerial

In progress:

Roadwork in progress on Shack Road

Photograph 3: Shack Road

Playground upgrades

Loudon Road playground area - construction in progress

Photograph 4: Loudon Road

In progress:

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