Love your dog? Keep them safe.

Port Augusta dog owners are being urged to keep their dogs contained for their own safety and that of others. 

A campaign was launched this week to encourage dog owners to keep their animals secure.  The ‘Love your dog? Keep them safe, keep them contained’ campaign is targeting an increase in the number of dogs found wandering in the community.

Dogs that wander on the streets or in public areas without an owner present or not under effective control are referred to as dogs ‘wandering at large’. These dogs cause a nuisance, are often distressed and may attack or harass people or other animals. 

In some cases they cause road accidents resulting in injury to the dog and on occasion to vehicle occupants and may cause property damage – all of which becomes the responsibility of the owner of the dog.

There are many reasons why a dog wanders including behavioural traits for example looking for a mate or simply poor fencing at home or a gate left open by a visitor.  Council is encouraging owners to ensure their yards and secured and dogs cannot escape over fences, and that gates close securely.

Council is asking people to report dogs wandering in the community so Animal Control Officers can address the owners and reduce the incidence. 

Stirling North is one area of concern and early morning patrols have been increased, with Council’s Animal Control Officers talking to people out walking and encouraging them to report any issues they may have with wandering dogs.

Council’s Animal Control Officer Kylie McKerlie said some people are nervous about going walking with their dog for fear that another dog may approach or threaten them.

“It is the responsibility of the dog owner to ensure their dogs are kept secure in their yards.  This provides for a safer community but also means the dog is kept safe,” Ms McKerlie said.

“Council will be targeting wandering dogs and owners will be fined in an attempt to address the problem.”

To report incidences of dogs wandering in the community, please contact Port Augusta City Council on 8641 9100.

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