Council Policies - Operational Units Manual

2.1 City Management - Elected Members

pdf (2.1.01) Voters' Rolls(37 kb)

pdf (2.1.02) Supplementary Elections(36 kb)

pdf (2.1.03) Election of Deputy Mayor(37 kb)

pdf (2.1.05) Committees and Panels(49 kb)

pdf (2.1.06) Appointment of Representatives on Boards and Organisations(40 kb)

pdf (2.1.07) Elected Members Initiating Action(180 kb)

pdf (2.1.08) Mayors/Chairpersons Obtaining Legal Advice(137 kb)

pdf (2.1.09) Council Induction(111 kb)

pdf (2.1.10) Complaints Handling Under Council Members' Code of Conduct(69 kb)

pdf (2.1.11) Elected Members Attending Council Committee Meetings via Telephone(51 kb)

2.2 City Management - Public Relations

pdf (2.2.01) Public Statements(40 kb)

pdf (2.2.03) Customer Service Charter(50 kb)

pdf (2.2.04) Use of Council's Official Documents, Brand & Logo by Elected Members(38 kb)

pdf (2.2.05) Council's Corporate Seal(50 kb)

pdf (2.2.06) Use of City Brand & Logo(3765 kb)

pdf (2.2.07) Acknowledging Traditional Custodians(45 kb)

pdf (2.2.11) Social Media Policy(193 kb)

pdf (2.2.12) Community Ideas and Question Time Forum(65 kb)

pdf (2.2.13) Customer Charter - Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) Services(72 kb)

2.3 City Management - Administrative Services

pdf (2.3.01) Port Augusta City Council - Appropriate Naming(35 kb)

pdf (2.3.02) Crown Land Under Council's Care, Control & Management(42 kb)

pdf (2.3.03) Reporting of Hazards (Potential Injury to Members of the Public)(41 kb)

pdf (2.3.05) Application of Delegations(55 kb)

pdf (2.3.06) Application of Delegations to the Council Assessment Panel(44 kb)

pdf (2.3.07) A Safe Environment - Minimising the risk of harm to children and vulnerable people(1839 kb)

pdf (2.3.08) Local Government Association of SA - Elections Signs - General Approval Guidelines for Federal, State & Local Government Elections(449 kb)

pdf (2.3.09) Gifts/Donations and Commemorative Memorials on Local Government Land(50 kb)

pdf (2.3.10) Information Sharing Guidelines (ISG) Appendix(1460 kb)

pdf (2.3.11) Christmas Holiday Closure(51 kb)

pdf (2.3.12) Provision of Council Resources to Support the Emergency Services in Emergencies(10975 kb)

pdf (2.3.13) Unattended Children at Council Facilities(40 kb)

pdf (2.3.14) Guidelines for the Receipt & Assessment of Unsolicited Proposals(149 kb)

pdf (2.3.15) Dealing with Disruptive Behaviours(74 kb)

pdf (2.3.16) Body Worn Video Device (Camera)(70 kb)

pdf (2.3.17) Camera Surveillance(90 kb)

2.4 City Management - Governance

pdf (2.4.01) Whistleblower Protection(108 kb)

pdf (2.4.02) Risk Management(60 kb)

pdf (2.4.03) Environmental Policy(52 kb)

pdf (2.4.04) Quality Policy(52 kb)

pdf (2.4.05) Document Control(118 kb)

2.5 City Management - General Inspectorate

pdf (2.5.01) Dog Management(168 kb)

pdf (2.5.02) Cat Management(524 kb)

pdf (2.5.03) Council Enforcement Policy(75 kb)

pdf (2.5.04) Barking Dogs(136 kb)

pdf (2.5.05) Dog Destruction and Control Orders(124 kb)

pdf (2.5.06) Dog Attack and Harassment(524 kb)

pdf (2.5.07) Emergency Vehicle Removal(397 kb)

pdf (2.5.08) Evidence Collection(58 kb)

pdf (2.5.09) Expiating Offences(190 kb)

pdf (2.5.10) Parking Expiation(81 kb)

pdf (2.5.11) Removing a Vehicle Under Section 237(1234 kb)

pdf (2.5.12) Unclaimed Goods(711 kb)

pdf (2.5.13) Wandering Dogs(364 kb)

pdf (2.5.14) Seizing and Impounding a Dog(350 kb)

pdf (2.5.15) Review and Withdrawal of an Expiation Notice(68 kb)

2.6 Corporate Services - Financial

pdf (2.6.01) Rate Rebates(263 kb)

pdf (2.6.03) Fees & Charges(410 kb)

pdf (2.6.08) Fraud and Corruption Prevention(87 kb)

pdf (2.6.09) Debt Collection(51 kb)

pdf (2.6.10) Council Funding Policy(6102 kb)

pdf (2.6.11) Treasury Management(4855 kb)

pdf (2.6.12) Budget Reporting and Amendment(6379 kb)

pdf (2.6.14) Remission & Postponement of Rates on Basis of Hardship(61 kb)

pdf (2.6.15) Hardship Policy for Residential Customers of Minor and Intermediate Water Retailers(88 kb)

pdf (2.6.16) Asset Accounting(85 kb)

2.7 City & Cultural Services - Information Technology

pdf (2.7.01) Electronic Communications Management(72 kb)

pdf (2.7.02) Records Management(151 kb)

pdf (2.7.03) Privacy Policy(3574 kb)

pdf (2.7.04) Interaction of the Development Act 1993 (SA) The State Records Act 1997 (SA) and the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA) with the Copyright Act 1968 (CTH)(121 kb)

pdf (2.7.05) General Disposal Schedule 32 (Records of Relevance to the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse)(154 kb)

2.8 Corporate Services - Sport & Recreation

pdf (2.8.01) Use of Council Open Space Areas by Fitness Groups(101 kb)

pdf (2.8.02) Central Oval - Electronic Screen Advertising(660 kb)

2.9 Community Services - Aged Care/Health Focus

pdf (2.9.02) Admission & Discharge - Health Focus(48 kb)

2.10 Community Services - Childcare/Special Needs

pdf (2.10.01) Admission to Child Care Centre(39 kb)

pdf (2.10.02) Admission to Miriam High Special Needs Centre(39 kb)

2.11 Infrastructure & Environment Services - Parks & Gardens

pdf (2.11.01) Street Tree Policy(3776 kb)

pdf (2.11.02) Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden - Environmental Protection(69 kb)

pdf (2.11.03) Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden - Living Collections Policy(523 kb)

2.12 Infrastructure & Environment Services - Planning/Building

pdf (2.12.01) Pre-used Transportable Dwellings/Buildings - Land Management Agreement(74 kb)

pdf (2.12.02) Pre-used Transportable Dwellings/Buildings - Asbestos Removal(42 kb)

pdf (2.12.03) Pre-used Transportable Dwellings/Buildings - Development Application Requirements(85 kb)

pdf (2.12.04) Pre-used Transportable Dwellings/Buildings - Owners Obligations(69 kb)

pdf (2.12.05) Objects on Public Footpaths(2256 kb)

pdf (2.12.06) Enforcement Policy for Unlawful Development(87 kb)

2.13 Infrastructure & Environment Services - Works

pdf (2.13.01) Common Effluent Drains(38 kb)

pdf (2.13.02) Excavation & Reinstatement of Council Roads, Footpaths or Properties(856 kb)

pdf (2.13.03) Machinery Airconditioning(34 kb)

pdf (2.13.04) Plant, Machinery & Equipment - Use by Sporting & Community Bodies(60 kb)

pdf (2.13.05) Rural Living Allotment - Connection to Water Supply(121 kb)

2.14 Infrastructure & Environment Services - Health Services

pdf (2.14.02) EHO Site Visits and Inspections Procedure(77 kb)

pdf (2.14.03) Evidence Collection Procedure - Environmental Health(81 kb)

pdf (2.14.04) Warrant Procedure - Environmental Health(77 kb)

pdf (2.14.05) Expiation of Offences - Environmental Health(116 kb)

pdf (2.14.06) Prosecution Procedure - Environmental Health(86 kb)

pdf (2.14.07) Action on Default Procedure - Environmental Health(73 kb)

pdf (2.14.08) EHO Statutory Notices Procedure(161 kb)

pdf (2.14.09) Use of Generators During Power Outages(50 kb)

2.15 Infrastructure & Environment Services - General

pdf (2.15.01) Cemetery Management(357 kb)

pdf (2.15.02) Pontoon Management(65 kb)

2.16 City & Cultural Services - Contracts & Events

pdf (2.16.01) Street Stalls(114 kb)

pdf (2.16.02) Event Bookings on Council Land(204 kb)

pdf (2.16.03) Community Grants(198 kb)

pdf (2.16.04) Leases, Licences and Permits(72 kb)

pdf (2.16.05) Outdoor Dining(129 kb)

pdf Mobile Food Vendors Location Rules(1063 kb)

2.17 City & Cultural Services - Library

No items available to list.

2.18 City & Cultural Services - Wadlata & AALBG

No items available to list.

2.19 Corporate Services - OPAL Program

pdf (2.19.01) Healthy Catering Policy(60 kb)

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