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Confidential Items Register

Section 90 of the Local Government Act 1999 details the provisions for when a Council or Committee may order that the public be excluded from attendance at a meeting for the purposes of receiving, discussing or considering in confidence information relevant to section 90(3) of the Act. The Council or Committee may also order that some or all of the documents associated with the item also be kept confidential. In the event that this occurs, the Council or Committee must also specify the duration of the order or the circumstances in which the order will cease to apply, or a period after which the order must be reviewed.

Council reviews its confidentiality orders annually. Council's Code of Practice – Access to Council and Committee meetings and associated documents provides further information.

Council maintains a register of confidential items.

Confidential Reports Released

Confidential Reports that have been released are listed:

pdf Report AR13/23272 - Transfer of Cinema Augusta & Other TAFE SA Port Augusta Buildings(701 kb)

pdf Report AR19/2504 - Mobile Assistance Patrol Services & Assertive Outreach Program - Request for Tender Proposal(78 kb)

pdf Report AR15/10373 - Arrears for Rates - Sale of Land for Non-Payment of Rates(368 kb)

pdf Report AR18/49688 - Bird Lake Rehabilitation Draft Funding Agreement(4428 kb)

pdf Report AR14/15546 - Proposal to Prohibit Traffic on a portion of unmade Public Road adjacent Lake Dempsey to protect habitat & other areas of land under SA Water's care, control & management(3809 kb)

pdf Report AR14/12790 - Negotiations with State Government around Cinema Augusta Complex & Other Surplus TAFE SA Buildings(1064 kb)

pdf Appendices - Internal Review of a Council Decision - Discretionary Rate Rebate - Assessment 9004(7789 kb)

pdf Report AR19/18163 - Internal Review of a Council Decision - Discretionary Rate Rebate - Assessment 9004(5775 kb)

pdf Report AR18/36637 - Elections for the Positions of Representative Members of the LGFA of SA Board of Trustees(1780 kb)

pdf Report AR18/36684 - Election of Spencer Gulf Cities Representatives to SAROC(243 kb)

pdf Report AR18/35749 - Election of LGA President 2018-2020(3429 kb)

pdf Report AR18/37626 - Discretionary Rebate Application 2018/19 - Assessment 9004(856 kb)

pdf Report AR17/8220 - Old Netball Courts, Railway Parade, Port Augusta - Consideration of 2 Offers(931 kb)

pdf Report AR16/30905 - Revised Offer for Old Netball Land, Railway Parade, Port Augusta(222 kb)

pdf Report AR16/27411 - Offer to Purchase Council Land - Old Netball Courts, Railway Parade, Port Augusta(51 kb)

pdf Report AR17/23818 - Confidential Update No 3 - Aged Care Sale Process(13033 kb)

pdf Report AR17/6496 - Confidential Update No 2 - Aged Care Sale Process(12976 kb)

pdf Report AR17/46128 - Confidential Update - Aged Care Sale Process(44 kb)

pdf Report AR16/37913 - Elections for the Position of Representative Members of teh LGFA(1773 kb)

pdf Minutes AR15/37518 - Port Augusta Alinta Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes(28 kb)

pdf Report AR16/3229 - Information Report - Briefing on Potential & Current Legal Issues(529 kb)

pdf Report AR14/7580 - Airport Land Development - Staged Sale Agreement(8537 kb)

pdf Report AR12/23783 - Request to Vary Agreement for Port Augusta Airport Land - Contract for Sale & Purchase(422 kb)

pdf Report AR12/'5487 - Airport Land Development - Master Plan(336 kb)

pdf Report AR10/6597 - Residential Development Adjacent Port Augusta Airport - Sealed Agreement(64 kb)

pdf Report REPA4675 - Proposed Residential Development adjacent Airport (JLKT Pty Ltd)(164 kb)

pdf Report REPA4729 - Proposed Residential Development adjacent Airport (JLKT Pty Ltd)(471 kb)

pdf Report REPA4573 - Proposed Residential Develpoment - Port Augusta West (JLKT Pty Ltd)(74 kb)

pdf Report AR16/47458 Council Development Assessment Panel - Appointment of New Panel(49 kb)

pdf Report AR16/14206 - Reach Solar Energy Request for In-priciple Support for a Long Term Ground Lease of a portion of CT Volume 6154 Folio 24(1655 kb)

pdf Report AR15/13260 - Information Update No 3 - Expressions of Interest Aged Accommodation(9591 kb)

pdf Report AR15/7887 - Information Update No 2 - Expressions of Interest Aged Accommodation(116 kb)

pdf Report AR14/25746 - Information Update No 1 - Expressions of Interest Aged Accommodation(104 kb)

pdf Report AR13/31603 - Expressions of Interest Aged Accommodation Results(36 kb)

pdf Report AR12/384 - Investigation of Future Aged Accommodation Update 2(67 kb)

pdf Report AR11/5183 - Investigation of Future Aged Accommodation Update 1(68 kb)

pdf Report AR11/4225 - Presentation on Findings in Relation to Aged Accommodation(136 kb)

pdf Report AR10/3031 - Investigation of Future Aged Accommodation Options & Presentation by Angela Hazebroek(123 kb)

pdf Report REPF0788 - Investigation of Future Options of Council's Aged Care Facilities(89 kb)

pdf Report AR11/15650 - Winninowie Project (Intermodal Proposal)(1522 kb)

pdf Report AR15/43887 - Bowhill Property Group P/L - Proposed Development adjacent Aerodrome(637 kb)

pdf Report AR15/43875 - Bowhill Properties P/L (Deregistered) - Deposit - Proposed Residential Development adjacent Aerodrome(235 kb)

pdf Report AR15/39259 - Airport Land Development - Reduced Development Proposal(4894 kb)

pdf Report AR15/31968 - Airport Land Development - Presentation by P Cheetham(4589 kb)

pdf Report AR15/18705 - Airport Land Development Residential Development Adjacent Airport - Sale Agreement(10099 kb)

pdf Report AR15/8218 - Airport Land Development Sale Agreement (Bowhill Properties Pty Ltd)(7628 kb)

pdf Report AR15/37864 - Support for Proposed Renewable Energy Development(34 kb)

pdf Report AR15/37518 - Appointment of Auditor 2015-2020(53 kb)

pdf Report AR15/5602 - Minister Instigated Development Plan Amendment(30 kb)

pdf Report REPA4606 - Proposed Residential Development - Port Augusta West Adjacent AErodrome (JLKT Pty Ltd)(101 kb)

pdf Report AR15/2570 - Variation to Chief Executive Officer Salary Package(29 kb)

pdf Report AR15/804 - Nominations for LGA President, Board Members & Deputy Board Members(563 kb)

pdf Report AR14/27148 - Elections for the Positions of Representative Members of the LGFA of SA Board of Trustees(962 kb)

pdf Report AR14/15684 - Preferred Candidate for City Manager Position(1902 kb)

pdf Report AR13/15224 - Recruitment of Chief Executive Officer (City Manager)(33 kb)

pdf Report REPA3713 - Total Cost of Termination of Employment Contract Mr R Willis(15 kb)

pdf Report AR14/4008 - Selection of Consultant to assist with Recruitment of City Manager(3637 kb)

pdf Report AR14/1728 - Appointment of Independent Members on Port Augusta City Council's Development Assessment Panel(56 kb)

pdf Report AR13/2071 - Port Augusta Carpenters Landing Launching Ramp Upgrade & Extension - Tender Outcome & Additional Funding(48 kb)

pdf Report AR13/4556 - Future Aged Accommodation Options for Port Augusta(57 kb)

pdf Report AR12/19364 - Central Oval Redevelopment(3008 kb)

pdf Information Report AR13/5153 - Statutory Code of Conduct - Elected Members(30 kb)

pdf Report AR12/20745 - Application for Rebate of Rates - AM & PW Seagrim(1044 kb)

pdf Report AR12/24691 - Proposed Sale of Allotment - Vacant Industrial Land Footner Road(403 kb)