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The Foreshore

Image of the Eastside Foreshore development

Eastside Foreshore Photo Gallery

Westside Foreshore

The Redevelopment of Port Augusta's Foreshore area is now complete. Residents and tourists alike have embraced the completed works with enthusiasm.

The shared pedestrian/bikeway connecting the old bridge to the CBD is a feature of the project. Photo-electric controlled lighting along the path and solar powered lights across the old bridge are a great benefit to night time users.

All new lawned areas and planting beds have been installed in specially prepared top soil incorporating an automatically controlled sub-surface irrigation network. This equipment will reduce the maintenance of the garden and precisely control the distribution of water as and when necessary.

The Swimmers Memorial Gardens, one of the few remaining features of the old Foreshore site has been restored to represent its early glory, one important link between Port Augusta's past and present.

Image of the renovated Swimmers Memorial Garden at the Foreshore
Swimmers Memorial Garden

A fully automated public toilet, drinking fountains, washdown shower for beachgoers, a children's playground, half court basketball facility and family barbeque / picnic area complete the facilities considered vital for the greater community to enjoy this long overdue rehabilitation of our prime foreshore area.

Picture of the Eastside Jetty at the Foreshore