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Port Augusta's Brand Identity


What exactly is our brand? Quite simply it's our reputation. It's what springs to mind when people hear the name Port Augusta. It's also those things that make our city special, that make us different from any other place. So in what way is Port Augusta different? We did some market research to find out.

   Port Augusta Brand Identity Logo

We found that our location is the number one factor that defines Port Augusta and makes our city truly unique - our traditional role as a meeting place and crossroads at the very top of Spencer Gulf, our proximity to Australia's iconic Outback and Flinders Ranges, our proximity to the mining boom in South Australia's north, and of course our spectacular desert-by-the-sea landscape bathed in glorious reds, blues and yellows.

These are the things that make Port Augusta unique.  They are also things that can be marketed to attract more tourists, more business, more investment and more sporting and cultural events to our city.

Our challenge then is to make sure that people associate the Port Augusta name with the benefits of our unique location, with the things that make our city special. And how do we do that?  By promoting the good stuff as much as we can in conjunction with a strong and memorable Port Augusta brand identity. And that's what these guidelines are about. They will help us to promote our city clearly and consistently as 'one voice' and to ensure that our promotional messages are seen, understood and remembered.

Sporting & Community Organisations are encouraged to make use of the brand to promote Port Augusta. This can either be in the form displayed above or in the form set out in the examples below. The Port Augusta Racing Club, Port Augusta Golf Club and the Port Augusta Tennis Association have already adopted the brand as part of their Club/Association logo.

pdf Port Augusta Brand Identity Guide(3625 kb)
A guide for the use of Port Augusta's new brand identity logo

pdf Application Form for use of Logo(224 kb)
Application form for organisations to apply to use Port Augusta's new brand identity logo