Infrastructure Update

June 2020

Port Augusta City Council works hard to maintain the city infrastructure with the resources available.

The role of Port Augusta City Council Infrastructure staff includes the maintenance and management of the city’s transport, stormwater and wastewater networks.

Our Council boundaries represent approximately 1,200 square kilometres. Our asset strategy covers 194km of sealed roads and 122km of footpaths.

The infrastructure projects that are occurring in our community over and above general maintenance are as follows:

Kerbing Upgrades and Replacements

Stokes Terrace – Highway to Donaldson Terrace (in progress)

Replacement kerbing and asphalt repairs have been completed.

Stokes Terrace New Kerbing & Asphalt
Stokes Terrace new kerbing & asphalt
Stokes Terrace New Kerbing & Asphalt
Stokes Terrace new kerbing & asphalt

Road Construction and Upgrades

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Section completed Old Tarcoola Road Kerbing & Asphalt works

Old Tarcoola Road

Council was successful in receiving funding for 50% of this project. Works will include the replacement of seal, road widening and kerbing on a section approximately 350 metres in length.

A Geotechnical and Engineering investigation has been undertaken to look at design options for remediation works and to assist with upgrading the Heavy Vehicle Transport Network.

All works, including pavement, kerbing and asphalt seal have been completed.

Shack Road

Pavement repairs have been undertaken on sections of Shack Road. These pavement repairs include removal of existing subgrade material, replacement with quarry product and sealing.

Works have been completed.

Road Reseal Program

A number of roads have been selected for resealing during the 2019/20 financial year. These streets are listed below.

Spear Creek Road 
McAuley Street  
Carlton Parade Victoria Parade to Parkside Row
Hipwell Street  
Cooper Street Woolundunga Avenue to Progress Avenue
McKerlie Street Woolundunga Avenue to Progress Avenue
Rodgers Street/Carlton Terrace Intersection Asphalt Treatment
Flinders Terrace Commercial Road to Marryatt Street

Works have been completed although some line marking is outstanding and will be undertaken soon.

Asphalt Intersection Upgrade Carlton Parade / Rogers Street
Asphalt Intersection Upgrade Carlton Parade / Rogers Street
2 Coat Seal Carlton Parade
2 Coat Seal Carlton Parade
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Wastewater Treat Lagoon Wall Repairs completed

Water Proofing and Waste Water

Waste Water Lagoon

Maintenance works to the outer walls of the waste water lagoon are required due to water runoff. Civil works will aim to repair some damage to the crest and outer walls. Once the civil work has been undertaken, Coir Logs will be installed around the perimeter of the dam walls at varying heights to help with any future erosion issues.

Wall repairs have been completed and Coir Logs will be placed by end June 2020.

Community Waste Water Management System

Council engaged a contractor to collect asset condition data on its CWMS pipe network. These inspections now complete, have identified specific sections of pipework that require repair.  In early May 2020, Council has completed a program of relining to restore the damaged pipework to its original condition, providing in excess of 50 years of useful life to the relined sections. Holdsworth Avenue, Hannagan and Lancaster Streets will be the first sections to be treated with further works to be considered in upcoming future budget cycles.

This process has valuable information on the network condition and the future budgetary requirements to improve condition and maintain to agreed standards.

The Contractors along with Council are thankful for the patience and understanding of residents within these areas whilst the work has been undertaken.

Photograph of inside of CWMS pipe showing damage to pipe walls and debris
CWMS pipe damage
Photograph of inside of CWMS pipe showing damage to walls
CWMS pipe damage

Cemetery Upgrades

Stirling North

The cemetery has had a kangaroo problem due to drought conditions over the last couple years with damage to lawn, roses and irrigation. A new Kangaroo proof fence has been installed along the western boundary with new fencing along the back boundary where none previously existed. New tubular fencing has also been installed along French Drive, all work has now been completed and we will look to continue in the coming financial year.

Cemetery kangaroo fence installed
Cemetery kangaroo fence installed
Tubular Fence installed along French Drive
Tubular fence installed along French Drive

Footpath Upgrades

The upgrading of footpaths in line with Council’s Footpath Connectivity Program has seen the installation of new footpath pavers on the streets listed below.

  • Forster Street
  • Augusta Terrace
  • Carlton Parade
  • Mosley Street
  • Progress Avenue
  • Pine Street

Works involved removal of old bituminous footpath and replacement with concrete pavers to meet disability standards.

Progress Avenue finished paved footpath
Progress Avenue finished paved footpath
Pine Street finished paved footpath
Pine Street finished paved footpath

Central Oval Turf Upgrade Project

The Central Oval project has been completed and saw the installation of a new irrigation system, sub surface drainage, growing medium and new turf for over 20,000 m2 of the ovals surface.

The new oval has been designed to cater for AFL, SANFL and Local Community Football games as well have the capabilities to have cricket with the addition of turf pitches.

Central Oval Turf Upgrade Completed
Central Oval turf completed
Central Oval Turf Upgrade Completed
Central Oval turf completed

Eastside Foreshore Redevelopment Project

Upgrade works at the Eastside Foreshore Foreshore Reserve have commenced in April 2020 with installation of two new Greenplate barbecues unit which include an additional hotplate.  Works are currently underway for a range of other new features including new picnic sheltered areas, assemblage of low gabion benches, with some paving and reinforced concrete edging to complement these new elements.  Works are also underway for the contractor to undertake landscape construction preparation for several garden areas including at the front of the carpark featuring landscape rocks and logs.  Council staff will be responsible for the initial treatment of the irrigated turf area in preparation for the works, irrigation relaying and the establishment of mulched, irrigated garden beds using a select range of Australian arid tolerant plant species. Works are due to be completed by end June 2020.

Shelter 1, paved areas, bench & table with Gabion seating
Shelter 1, paved areas, bench & table with Gabion seating
Shelter 2, landscaping, gabions and seating
Shelter 2, landscaping, gabions and seating

Butler Crescent Anti-Social Behaviour

Works have occurred in the Butler Crescent area to kerb Anti-Social behaviour issues being experienced by residents within the area. Fencing to stop pedestrian through access has been placed to limit activity within the street to be residents only. This work was conducted with consultation from community representatives, SAPOL and Council.

Sturt Desert Pea Plantings

Council has undertaken Sturt Desert Pea Plantings recently within the CBD, Parks, Foreshore, Central Oval, Wadlata, Gladstone Square and Civic Centre garden beds.

The Sturt Desert Pea is a perennial plant with silky grey-green pinnate foliage. The flowers are about 9 cm long and arranged in clusters of 6-8 and iconic in the Port Augusta region.

Garden bead full of flowering Sturt Desert Peas
Sturt Desert Pea on highway
Garden bed full of flowering Sturt Desert Peas
Sturt Desert Pea on Flinders Terrace
A row of timber and metal planter boxes full of Sturt Desert Pea plants in flower on the paved area of Gladstone Square near the flagpoles
Gladstone Square

Green Space Maintenance

Significant works in maintenance and upgrade of amenity has occurred in locations around the City. This has included but not limited to;

  • Upgrade to Garden Beds
  • Sturt Desert Pea Plantings
  • Eastside foreshore grass
  • Gladstone Square grass
Patchy grass coverage in Gladstone Square showing patches of visible dirt, dead, and yellowed grass
Gladstone Square February 2019
Healthy green grass in Gladstone Square
Gladstone Square April 2020
brightly coloured native flowers, predominantly pink and yellow, planted in the street corner garden on Commercial Road directly out the front of the Flinders Hotel
Native flowers plantings in Commercial Road
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New Picnic Settings

Lions Jubilee Park (Partnered project)

Council has funded contracted works for two new pads and picnic settings at Lions Jubilee Park, which have now been completed.

The two new powder coated aluminium picnic settings have been donated by the Lions Club, with one purchased through fund raising activities and the other through a successful grant application.

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New Basketball Goal Posts

Two new basketball goal posts were installed by Council works staff, one at the Eastside Foreshore Reserve and the other at Volunteer Park.

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New CBD Lighting Upgrade

You may notice a new “glow” around Port Augusta over the next few weeks.

The CBD and surrounding areas will receive an LED lighting upgrade as part of an agreement with SA Power Networks.

Old orange lighting has been replaced in the CBD to new LED lights which will reduce power consumption, maintenance costs and increase safety as well as bring a new look and feel.

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Example of Heritage Signage to be installed

Heritage Walk Signage

The Heritage Walk Signage works are currently in progress with graphics and proof reading for each of the 21 new sign face panels just about finalised. There will be three new heritage signs featured including the Old Mill jetty, Port Augusta West and Westside Water Tower. A new sign for the Eastside Pontoon is also being manufactured to inform the community about the activities permitted.