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Informal Gatherings

New legislative provisions, as proclaimed on 31 March 2016, provide that Council must ensure that gatherings of Elected Members arranged by the Council, either by the CEO or by the Elected Council, are to be advertised. Informal gatherings, where appropriate, provide a valuable opportunity to enance the decision-making processes by providing opportunities for Council Members to become better informed in issues and seek further clarification.

Informal gatherings are held on a needs basis.

Gatherings are held in the Council Chambers, Civic Centre, 4 Mackay Street, and are open to the public unless they are assessed to be of a Confidential nature under Section 90 of the Local Government Act 1999.

October 8 2018
.pdf Informal Gathering 8 October 2018 Agenda
May 14 2018
.pdf Informal Gathering 14 May 2018 Agenda
May 8 2018
.pdf Informal Gathering 8 May 2018 Agenda
April 18 2018
.pdf Informal Gathering 18 April 2018 Agenda
March 21 2018
.pdf Informal Gathering 21 March 2018 Agenda
March 13 2018
.pdf Informal Gathering 13 March 2018 Agenda
February 26 2018
.pdf Informal Gathering 26 February 2018 Agenda