2020 Rates Review

Rates Review Presentation

Port Augusta City Council will be holding two Information sessions on Tuesday 4th August 2020, in relation to proposed changes to the basis of rating for the 2021/2022 rating year.

Times 1pm - 2pm and 6pm - 7pm


Central Oval
10 Augusta Terrace,  Port Augusta, SA 5700

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Why do we want to change?

The proposed change is aimed at making the rating system more equitable for all rate payers, and proposes a rating system based on Capital Value with a base fixed charge, rather than the current Site value and minimum rate system. Councils should regularly review their rating system in terms of equity between different classes of ratepayers due to changes in characteristics of its ratepayer base.

No more than 35% of the total number of rateable properties can be charged a minimum rate. There is currently around 33% of properties in Port Augusta paying the minimum rate. This constraint means ratepayers in the mid to high range will typically have relatively higher increases in rates than ratepayers at the lower range of site values, arguably creating greater levels of inequity.

Fluctuations in capital values of similar residential properties in different zones are generally less volatile than fluctuations in site values.

A ‘fixed charge’ can enhance equity and responds to community feedback in relation to ratepayers paying varying amounts of Council rates.

Council now has the challenge of determining the specifics of the proposed capital value/fixed charge system, in the fairest way possible for all rate payers.

What is the next step?

We will be looking to discuss the proposed changes and provide further detailed information to residents in the near future with the formal consultation process being held in August 2020.

Please keep your eye out for any invitations to Rating Review information sessions over the next few months.

Brett Benbow
Port Augusta City Council

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