Septic Tanks

Septic Tank Installations

Public and Environmental Health (Waste Control) Fee Schedule

Under the Regulations, Council requires an application to be certified by a technical expert (geotechnical engineer).

Accordingly, all applications must be certified by a geotechnical engineer that the design of the installation as shown on the plans, will comply with the requirements of the relevant Regulations and current Standards including but not limited to the specific Onsite Wastewater Code(s).

All plumbing work associated with the installation of a septic tank / aerobic tank and its disposal area must be undertaken by an appropriately qualified plumber.

Septic Tank Systems Care and maintenance(52 kb)

Department of Health approved wastewater products for sale and installation in South Australia

Septic Tank Application

Septic Onsite Wastewater Works Application Form(92 kb)

Information for Plumbers - New Requirements Regarding Onsite Wastewater Systems(249 kb)

Direct link to the on-site wastewater systems code (the code) including details of setbacks and requirements for new / amended septic applications:

On-site Wastewater Systems Code

STEDS/CWMS Application

This application is required when connecting a septic tank into Council's STEDS. This is additional to the standard septic application.

Application for Connection to Septic Tank Effluent Drainage Scheme(55 kb)