Public and Environmental Health (Waste Control) Fees

Charter of fees for Wastewater Control Systems
South Australian Public Health (Wastewater) Regulations 2013

EXAMPLE OF FEES charged by Council2020/2021 (all fees are GST exempt)
Application to alter a waste control system (i.e. Admin $115.00 + One Inspection $128.00)$243.00
Application to install a waste control system to existing building (i.e. Admin $115.00 + Two Inspections $256.00)$371.00
Application to install a new waste control system (i.e New Building) – ( Admin $115.00 + Three Inspections $384.00)$499.00
Addition fee for extra 2EP (or part thereof in excess of 10EP)PLUS $25.25 to initial application cost
Additional Inspections$128.00
STEDS/CWMS application requires 2 applications 
A. Standard application$499.00 PLUS
B. Standard connection application for STEDS/CWMS$115.00
NEW STEDS/CWMS application (A + B) TOTAL$614.00

The list above are the main areas dealt with by Council and are current as of 1/7/2020 till 30/6/2021.

NB. All systems greater than 40 EP must be referred to the Department of Health.