Stormwater & Wastewater Guidelines

Effective use of water resources is one of the most important issues in development today to help reduce the reliance on the freshwater supply from the River Murray.

The Port Augusta City Council is looking forward to ongoing future growth in the area of development. In order to minimise the cities dependence on the water from the River Murray and move towards establishing effective water management, a range of initiatives have been developed and are being progressed to achieving this goal.

The Port Augusta City Council's Development Plan outlines important principles of development control that need to be addressed when developing land within the city for stormwater & wastewater management:

  • Development should take place in a manner which will not compromise the utilisation, conservation or quality of water resources or capacity for natural systems to restore or maintain water.
  • Development systems for buildings and recreation ground areas should maximise the potential for stormwater harvesting and reuse, and minimise the impact on natural drainage systems.
  • Development should occur in a manner which will not have an adverse impact on surface or underground water resources.

Council has developed an information guide found by clicking on the PDF document at the end of this discussion which provides broad guidelines to the minimum acceptable standards expected of a developer in the area of stormwater and wastewater collection, treatment, storage and reuse. It requires developers to consider the issues of stormwater and wastewater in detail on the initial development application.

Please see the attached the Information Guide - Stormwater & Wastewater Guidelines for Development Applications for more information.

Stormwater & Wastewater Guidelines Stormwater%20and%20Wastewater%20Guidelines (189 kb)