Referral Agencies

Council may be required to refer your application to a State or Commonwealth Government referral agency for consultation and comment in accordance with the Development Act and Regulation, 1993.

These referral agencies consist of the:

  • Coastal Protection Board
  • Heritage SA
  • Environmental Protection Authority
  • Technical Regulator
  • Department for Transport, Energy and Infrastructure
  • Liquor and Gambling Commission
  • Country Fire Services
  • Commonwealth Secretary for the Department of Transport and Regional Services
  • other State of Commonwealth Ministers Administering various Acts including the Mining Act, Historic Ship Wreck Act, River Murray Act, Aquaculture Act, Natural Resources Management Act, Public and Environmental Health Act.

During this process your application can take up to 4 to 8 weeks depending on the referral body and the nature of the application. When a decision is made the referral body will forward us its recommendation for planning assessment.