Dog Registration

Dog on Beach

Dogs and Cats Online is now the central point for all your dog and cat management, payments and information.

Not only will Dogs and Cats Online simplify your dog or cat management needs, but it will streamline the process for councils, vets and animal welfare agencies too, giving these organisations instant access to information from around the state. This will help them reunite you and your lost dog or cat quicker.

You will no longer receive a new tag each year, instead your dog will receive a lifetime tag.  You will still need to register your dog every year.

For those without internet access or who are uncomfortable using a computer you may still register your dog at the Council Office.

Dogs and Cats Online may be accessed here -

New dog and cat laws began 1 July 2018. Compulsory microchipping and desexing apply.

Registration Fees

Registration categories have been changed to:

  • Standard Dog a dog that is both desexed and microchipped
  • Non-Standard Dog all other dogs
Registration Fees 2019/2020
Standard Dog (microchipped & desexed) $34.00
Standard Dog Concession (microchipped & desexed) $17.00
Non-Standard Dog - Entire Dog $68.00
Non-Standard Dog - Entire Dog Concession $34.00
Non-Standard Dog - Microchipped $68.00
Non-Standard Dog - Microchipped Concession $34.00
Working Dog $30.00
SAGRCB Greyhound $30.00
Accredited Assistance Dog / Assistance Dog in Training $0.00