Dog Registration

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From 2nd July 2018, dog and cat registration, along with the way you manage your pet dog or cat's microchip, health and breeder information, will be simplified with the introduction of a new website.

Dogs and Cats Online will be the central point for all your dog and cat management payments and information, replacing the 69 individual council systems and private microchip databases currently in place.

Not only will Dogs and Cats Online simplify your dog or cat management needs, but it will streamline the process for councils, vets and animal welfare agencies too, giving these organisations instant access to information from around the state. This will help them reunite you and your lost dog or cat quicker.

The Way You Register Your Dog Will Change

From 2nd July dog owners will be able to register their own dogs online from any computer with internet access.

In July you will receive a letter from the Dog and Cat Management Board of South Australia with instructions for creating an account on the new Dogs and Cats Online system.  This letter will come with a new tag for your dog(s). These will be lifetime tags so you will no longer get a new tag every year, however you will still need to re-register every year.

For those without internet access or who are uncomfortable using a computer you may still register your dog at the Council Office.

Dogs and Cats Online may be accessed here -

What Happens Now?

If you have a new dog to register you may self-register your dog at

If you have an existing registered dog please wait until you receive a letter from the Dog and Cat Management Board with instructions and your new tag.

New dog and cat laws began 1 July 2018. Compulsory microchipping and desexing apply.

Registration Fees

Registration categories have been changed to:

  • Standard Dog a dog that is both desexed and microchipped
  • Non-Standard Dog all other dogs
Registration Fees 2018/2019
Fee Rebate
Standard Dog $32.50 50% off full fee
Standard Dog Concession $16.25 50% off rebated fee
Non-Standard Dog - Entire Dog $65.00 Nil
Non-Standard Dog - Entire Dog Concession $32.50 50% off full fee

Non-Standard Dog - Desexed
Includes $20 rebate for 1 year only until 30/6/19

$45.00 $20.00
Non-Standard Dog - Desexed - Concession
Includes $10 rebate for 1 year only until 30/6/19
$22.50 $10.00
Non-Standard Dog - Microchipped $65.00 Nil
Non-Standard Dog - Microchipped Concession $32.50 50% off full fee
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