SA Bushfire Donations

As a community we stand together to support each other through the devastation of recent bushfires. You can provide your support to the communities and groups who have been impacted by the bushfires in South Australia and throughout the country.


To support South Australians impacted by bushfires, you can make a financial donation to the Vinnies SA Bushfire Appeal. The appeal directs 100% of the donations to locals impacted by the fires.

Note from Vinnies: “when you click on the donate link below, the donations page you land on includes a reference to NSW. This is because the donations to the SA bushfires are currently being processed by our NSW office. You can be assured that all funds donated via the SA page will go to support those affected by the recent fires in SA.”

The Kangaroo Island Council is collecting donations through their Mayoral Relief and Recovery Bushfire Fund.

The State Emergency Relief Fund is collecting donations for people affected by the Cudlee Creek fire.

The CFS Foundation - Providing immediate financial assistance to CFS volunteers and their families in the event of death, injury or loss of property while engaging in their community service.


The fires have impacted the habitats of huge numbers of Australian wildlife. SAVEM, South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management, are on the ground helping everything from koalas to lizards.


As an alternative to donating money, you can offer your time and skills to assist with recovery. Volunteering SA & NT are accepting expressions of interest for Emergency Recovery Volunteers. When a need for help arises, they will contact applicants with tasks – big and small.