Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This page is designed to assist the community with COVID-19 information and links. Some resources can be used to assist local businesses, community groups and organisations.

Australia’s Department of Health is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. Our information provides daily updates, answering your questions about the latest news, current facts and figures, travel advice, key contact and phone numbers.

Department of Health Website

South Australian COVID-19 Dashboard and Daily Update

COVID-19 – SA Dashboard

To avoid any confusion between federal and state government announcements about COVID-19 please visit this website for daily updates.

The South Australian coronavirus dashboard has the most up-to-date information from our state government agencies about the spread of COVID-19 in South Australia. It also includes information about preventive measures that are being taken and the latest advice for members of the public.

Stay educated. Stay Safe.

General Information

The following resources can provide additional information for you:

General Enquiries 1800 020 080
SA COVID-19 info line 1800 253 787

South Australian Information

Traveller Advice

Home Learning


The COVIDSafe app is part of the government's work to slow the spread of COVID19. Having confidence we can find and contain outbreaks quickly will mean governments can ease restrictions while still keeping Australians safe.

Downloading the app is something you can do to protect you, your family and friends, and save the lives of other Australians.

The app is available for download now.

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Official App

The Australian Government has released an official app with the information you need to know about corona virus.

Coronavirus Australia, which is available from the Apple App Store and on Google Play, was launched alongside the Government's new WhatsApp feature.

Coronavirus Australa App logo showing a black background with the Australian Coat of Arms in white

The situation in Australia and South Australia is constantly changing so it is important to keep up to date with all health and travel advice from the Federal Department of Health and SA Health website.

Food Service and COVID 19

Port Augusta COVID-19 Clinic

A dedicated Respiratory/ Virus (COVID-19) clinic is now open in Port Augusta. This clinic is for people who have COVID-19 symptoms (especially fever or cough) and have recently returned from overseas or have had contact with a known COVID-19 case.

If you think you are affected you are required to book into the service and will require a referral from a GP. Please note bookings are essential.

If you meet the above criteria and are not able to access a GP please call the Health Service to discuss your options, phone 86687786.

Operating hours: Monday – Friday 1-3 pm
Location: Behind Hospital administration building access via Giles Street entrance.

Relief Call Centre

SA Housing Authority

A new COVID-19 Relief Call Centre has been established to help people affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency.

The Relief Call Centre can provide you with information and assistance, including access to personal hardship support, accommodation support if you are unable to achieve self-quarantining and accommodation for emergency services staff that are required to quarantine but unable to do so at home.

The Relief Call Centre is open to all South Australians to provide general support and referrals to other services as needed.

To contact the Emergency Relief Centre, phone 1300 705 336 or email

Mental Health & COVID-19

It can feel stressful and overwhelming during an event like the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we can all be affected differently. You might feel overwhelmed by the information, conversations and the increased levels of stress in your community. It can be hard to know what information to trust especially in a situation where things are changing so quickly.

The following links can assist anyone feeling overwhelmed or anxious during the COVIC-19 crisis.


Beyond Blue

Department of Health

Promotional Resources

A collection of resources for the general public and industry about coronavirus (COVID-19) #stopthespread

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources