Public Consultation

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Current Public Consultation:

Revocation Proposal - Julia Lodge

NOTICE is hereby given, pursuant to Section 194 of the Local Government Act 1994 that the Port Augusta City Council resolved to commence public consultation for the revocation of the following parcels of land from the classification of Community Land:

  1. Julia Lodge Apartments, Julia Street, Port Augusta – Allotments 137 and 138 in Filed Plan 216393 and described within CT5614/981.

The reason that Council wishes to revoke the community land classification applicable to the above property is to enable the Council an opportunity to consider its disposal on the open market.

A Section 194 report (known as a Revocation Proposal) is available within the foyer of the Port Augusta Civic Centre, 4 Mackay Street, Port Augusta, during normal business hours or can be downloaded below. Any person may make relevant representation in writing concerning the proposed revocation and submissions must be forwarded to

Mrs Lee Heron, Director – City & Cultural Services
4 Mackay Street
(PO Box 1704)
Port Augusta SA 5700

or email submission to, no later than 4:00pm on Friday 27 October 2017.

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