Aged Care

Aged Care Facilities and Housing

The Port Augusta City Council owns two aged care facilites that have received accreditation under the Aged Care Act. Nerrilda and A.M. Ramsay Village have both been recognised as excellent facilities with the highest level of care.

Nerrilda Nursing Home
A.M. Ramsay Village
Health Focus
Men's Shed
Future options for Aged Care

Positive Ageing Guide

In this guide you will find many of the services available to Port Augusta's older residents.

Positive Ageing Guide 2013-2014(1357 kb)

Ageing Strategy

Population projections for the City of Port Augusta indicate that by 2016, more than 20% of the population will be aged over 65. This represents a significant increase on the 11.7% of the population in that age group in 2001.

The Port Augusta City Council has commissioned Urban & Regional Planning Solutions to prepare an Ageing Strategy to promote and support positive ageing experiences, while recognising the diversity of needs of different groups of older people.

Port Augusta Ageing Strategy Port%20Augusta%20Ageing%20Strategy (367 kb) 

Partnerships in Positive Ageing

Partnerships in Positive Ageing (PiPA) is a developing partnership formed by local service providers as recommended in the Port Augusta City Council's Ageing Strategy 2007-2012 "Making Port Augusta a Better Place to Grow Older".

The group meets on a bi-monthly basis excluding December and January of each year.

An agreed Terms of Reference for the group is listed below, as is a list of current partners. For further information regarding this group, please contact Mrs Anne O'Reilly, Director Community Services at the Port Augusta City Council on 08 8641 9132.

Partnerships in Positive Ageing Partnerships%20in%20Positive%20Ageing (14 kb)