Fires, Wood Heaters & Outdoor Burning

The following information has been copied from EPA media releases. The full version of the media release is available as a PDF linked below each excerpt.

EPA urges proper use of indoor wood heaters during winter

As winter sets in the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is urging homeowners to be mindful of the impact that smoke from indoor wood heaters can have on neighbours and the environment.

It is estimated that about 14 per cent of households in South Australia use wood as their main source of energy for heating, however solid fuel heaters can be a major source of air pollution when they are poorly designed or not operated correctly.

EPA’s Manager Legislation and Policy Steve Mudge said excessive smoke can have an environmental impact and affect people’s health.

“Although indoor wood heaters are a comfort during the colder weather, the smoke from these solid fuel heaters can have a detrimental impact on the health of neighbours as well as create an environmental nuisance...”

Full media release: EPA urges proper use of indoor wood heaters during winter(283 kb)

EPA reminds community of outdoor burning impacts

As we head in to cooler weather the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is reminding the community of the impacts that wood smoke from burning in the open can have on people’s health and the environment.

Both the smoke particles, and the chemicals it contains, are harmful to human health and can cause environmental nuisance.

The EPA’s advice heading in to the winter months is that people should be aware that smoke is a significant contributor to poor localised air quality. Although people may enjoy an outdoor fire, they may have others in their neighbourhood that are elderly, have respiratory diseases or have young children where exposure to smoke may cause considerable health impacts.

The EPA’s Manager Legislation and Policy Steve Mudge says the rules around burning in the open have been in place for almost three decades.

“Rules around burning in your backyard have been in place since 1994 for metropolitan Adelaide, however the EPA’s Air Quality Policy came into effect in 2016.

“This policy brings together many existing rules, with backyard burning being one of them. The only change in the policy regarding burning in the open is that the laws are now applied to all township areas across the state and metropolitan Adelaide equally...”

Full media release: EPA reminds community of outdoor burning impacts(315 kb)

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