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Customer Request for Maintenance

Council has a Customer Request for Maintenance (CRM) facility that can record and forward to the relevant departments for review any issue that a resident may identify within the Council's jurisdiction.

The Infrastructure Checklist below can be used to determine who to contact to report damaged or faulty infrastructure.

Infrastructure Checklist(200 kb)

A Customer Request for Maintenance form (AR11/25179) can be submitted:

Alternately, Customer Services can be contacted by telephoning (08) 8641 9100 during normal office hours to enter a CRM request.

Once an item is in the CRM system for attention it will be addressed in a city wide maintenance priority system as determined by the relevant Supervisor.

Please feel free to contact our Customer Services team to confirm if your request has been entered into the Customer Request Maintenance System by any of the methods outlined above.

Online Customer Request for Maintenance Form

Customer Request for Maintenance form Customer%20Request%20for%20Maintenance%20form (42 kb)