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Strategic Management Committee

The Strategic management Committee meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month (6:00 pm).

Minutes of this meeting are included within the Council Meeting Agenda.

Meetings are held in the Civic Centre Council Chambers, 4 Mackay Street Port Augusta, and are open to the public.

Strategic Management Committee Terms of Reference:

Strategic Management Committee Terms of Reference(148 kb)

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February 19 2018
.pdf Agenda 19 February 2018 Agenda

Strategic Management Committee Agenda - 2017

pdf Agenda 20 November 2017(1641 kb)

pdf Agenda 16 October 2017(5288 kb)

pdf Agenda 18 September 2017(2396 kb)

pdf Agenda 21 August 2017(1855 kb)

pdf Agenda 17 July 2017(690 kb)

pdf Agenda 19 June 2017(2133 kb)

pdf Agenda 15 May 2017(2025 kb)

pdf Agenda 18 April 2017(1754 kb)

pdf Agenda 20 March 2017(2199 kb)

pdf Agenda 20 February 2017(6993 kb)