Council Policies - Statutory Manual

1.1 - Local Government Act 1999

pdf (1.1.01) Statutory Code of Conduct - Elected Members(2659 kb)

pdf (1.1.02) Elected Members' Training and Development(224 kb)

pdf (1.1.03) Council Members' Caretaker Role During Election Period(9235 kb)

pdf (1.1.04) Elected Members' Allowances and Benefits(221 kb)

pdf (1.1.05) Internal Review of A Council Decision(185 kb)

pdf (1.1.06) Statutory Code of Practice Access to Council and Council Meetings and Documents(180 kb)

pdf (1.1.08) Public Consultation & Engagement(351 kb)

pdf (1.1.09) Purchasing, Contracts and Tendering(402 kb)

pdf (1.1.10) Rating Policy 2018/2019(205 kb)

pdf (1.1.11) Financial - Internal Control(338 kb)

pdf (1.1.12) Disposal of Land and Assets(108 kb)

pdf (1.1.13) Order Making(62 kb)

pdf (1.1.14) Street Names(491 kb)

pdf (1.1.15) Code of Practice - Meeting Procedures(140 kb)

pdf (1.1.16) Prudential Management(7521 kb)

pdf (1.1.17) Complaints Policy(350 kb)

pdf (1.1.18) Requests for Service(69 kb)

pdf (1.1.19) Informal Gatherings(73 kb)

1.2 - Development Act 1993

pdf (1.2.01) CDAP - Code of Conduct(56 kb)

pdf (1.2.02) CDAP - Complaint Handling(90 kb)

pdf (1.2.03) Building Inspections(149 kb)

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