Fringe in the Barracks

The Barracks
6 Beauchamp Lane (entrance via wooden arched gates)

The Barracks, an open space located behind the Gallery at the Cultural Centre complex, is the perfect private outdoor venue that can be used for festivals, wedding services, reunions, outdoor meetings and theatrical performances, just to mention a few.

Have you got an event that needs a stage? The Port Augusta Cultural Centre has a portable stage. Panels are 1m x 2m ;and can be arranged in different heights and designs (see photo below). It is great for catwalks, stage floors, risers for weddings, DJ's and many other uses. The stage was a joint venture of the former Port Augusta Brass Band and the Port Augusta City Council.

There is no charge for hiring the stage itself, which saves you approximately $1,440 for the entire stage ($60 per panel). However, there is a charge for transport of the stage to your preferred location and its assembly and dismantling by our staff. The stage can only be used in the Port Augusta area and transport and assembly/dismantling is organised by Port Augusta Cultural Centre.

Portable Stage for hire

Please contact the Venue Co-ordinator (Lindy Madigan) on 0417 828 726 to book this venue or the stage (or both!) for your next function.