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OPAL Better BBQ Resource Kit(2579 kb)

Salad-A-Day Family Challenge Recipes(1479 kb)

Healthy Brekky Ideas(3235 kb)

Fruit and Veg Growing Guide(210 kb)

A pocket guide to outside in Port Augusta(323 kb)

OPAL is all about making Port Augusta a place where it is easy to be active and eat well

OPAL (Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle) is a program that supports children, through their families and communities, to be healthy now, and stay healthy for life. OPAL was first established in South Australia in 2009 has been rolled out across other South Australian councils and has been active in 20 local communities across the State and one additional community in the Northern Territory. OPAL is part of an expanding network of international, community-based obesity prevention programs and was based on the successful Epode program from France.

Funding for the OPAL Program in Port Augusta ceased in 2016. However, resources remain on Council's website to encourage families to be active and maintain healthy eating habits.

OPAL Health messages have included:

Life looks brighter outside - enjoy the day with outdoor play   A healthy brekky is easy as peel a banana, pour milk on cereal, pop grainy bread in the toaster   Think Feet First: Step, Cycle, Scoot to School   Make it a fresh snack   Give the screen a rest   Water the original cool drink

Why is OPAL valuable?

Wouldn’t it be great to...

Children and adults who are active and enjoy healthy eating are more likely to live a healthy life. That means you and your children may have:

Being active and enjoying healthy eating are also great ways to relax and spend time with family and friends. As well as keeping you and your family healthy, these beneficial lifestyle choices can make our whole community a more rewarding place to live – where people have fewer long-term health problems.

Some of the programs and projects we are currently working on include:

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