Development Plan

Over the last few years, Port Augusta has made a strong recovery from a sustained period of economic hardship caused by the significant downsizing of Australian National Rail and ETSA operations in the town. This recovery has been based on substantial improvements in the resource, service and tourism sectors supported by the newly completed Adelaide to Darwin Railway and the extension of the Pichi Richi line into the town centre.

Evidence of this economic upturn includes the foreshore redevelopment and the attraction of major new developments in the city centre. In addition, it appears that the residential population of Port Augusta is growing at a much faster rate than anticipated when the previous Section 30 Review was being prepared.

For these reasons, it is now time to review the planning policies, which were prepared in a time of economic downturn, to ensure that Council has a Development Plan which is able to encourage appropriate development within and outside the city.

It will be particularly important for the Development Plan to acknowledge and respond to emerging tourism, transport and resource industry sectors while also ensuring that new residential areas are developed in a coordinated and environmentally sustainable manner.